The core mission of the Global Diversity Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is to better understand the social, political, and economic causes and consequences of cultural diversity around the world. Our work aims to inform scholarship, policy and practice towards improved human wellbeing and human dignity. And we seek to train future leaders and scholars through undergraduate and graduate courses at MIT.

Increasingly diverse societies face both great challenges and opportunities: On the one hand, real and perceived differences of ethnicity, race, religion, or national origin continue to be the basis for bias, discrimination, and conflict. Ethnic minorities, immigrants, and refugees face hate speech, political exclusion, and violence.

On the other hand, some of the world’s most productive and vibrant organizations and societies identify diversity as core to their success. The mixing of people from around the world – and the sharing of art, culture, and ideas — is the lifeblood of major urban centers. Leading institutions, including MIT, require diverse talents, drawn from diverse backgrounds around the globe, in order to advance science and technology.

At MIT’s Global Diversity Lab, we intend to distill lessons about how to harness the value of diversity and to reduce violence and inequality through careful social science research, informed by work in a range of disciplines.

Woven Chronicle, By Reena Kallat
Circuit boards, speakers, electric wires and fittings;
single channel audio (10 min.)
127 x 570 x 12 in. l 322 x 1447 x 30 cm. 
Installation view, Museum of Modern Art, New York 

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