Author(s): Fotini Christia, Elizabeth Parker-Magyar, Horacio Larreguy, Norhan Muhab 

Status/Format: In Progress

Date: 2021

Publication Type: Journal Article

Violence against Women in the Time of COVID-19: The Effects of a Social Media Campaign against Gender-Based Violence in Egypt



Systematic reviews of violence against women in the Arab world highlight the high prevalence of gender based and intimate partner violence (GBV and IPV) alongside the need for more research to inform prevention and response. Women’s exposure to GBV and IPV may be especially acute amid COVID-19, which has led to a notable increase in reported violence, particularly in the Global South. Building on recent studies on the role of edutainment and community-level interventions in combatting GBV and IPV, we partnered with an Egyptian women’s rights non-governmental organization to examine an intervention delivered amid COVID-19 via traditional and social media that are widely used in the Egyptian context. We measure the degree to which the intervention shifts attitudes toward GBV and IPV, knowledge about resources, and behaviors in response.