The MIT Global Diversity Lab is based jointly in the Department of Political Science and the Center for International Studies. Within our ranks are leading faculty with wide regional expertise; research skills in experimental, statistical, historical/case-study, machine learning, and field-based methods; and experience conducting research and teaching in related substantive and methodological courses. We span the traditional disciplinary Political Science subfields of Comparative Politics, International Relations and American Politics.


Volha Charnysh

Assistant Professor

Ariel White

Silverman: (1968) Family Career Development Associate Professor of Political Science

Evan Lieberman (Director)

Professor of Political Science; Director, Center for International Studies

Mai Hassan

Associate Professor

Noah Nathan

Associate Professor


Jasmine English

Ph.D. Candidate

Esteban Fernandez

Ph.D. Candidate

Alejandro Frydman

Ph.D. Candidate

Eyal Hanfling

Ph.D. Candidate

Jared Kalow

Ph.D. Candidate

Sukrit Puri

Ph.D. Candidate

Erin Walk

Ph.D. Candidate, MIT Social and Engineering Systems

Paige Bollen

Post Doctoral Research Affiliate

Lab Manager

Naomi Tilles

Senior Research Support Associate

UROPs / Research assistants


Ilma Aamir

Wellesley College, Political Science and Biological Sciences, 2023

Darien Brown

Tuskegee University, Political Science, 2021

Jayden Graham-White

Tuskegee University, Political Science, 2021

Sarah Green

Wellesley College, Political Science, 2022

Jennah Haque

MIT, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2021

Sinoxolo Hashe

University of the Western Cape (South Africa), Education (Honours), 2023

Uma Ilavarasan

Ph.D. Candidate (Harvard Government)

Brian Liu

MIT; Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science; 2024

Aerin Lo

Deerfield Academy, 2022

Kenza M’Haimdat

Wellesley College, International Relations and Environmental Studies, 2021

Elijah Neil

Morehouse College, Political Science, 2021

Betty Qian

Wellesley College, Political Science and Economics, 2023

Matt Cancian

MIT, Political Science, 2022

Nicolas Studen

Senior Research Support Associate

Manasi Rao

Senior Research Support Associate

Jenny Chan

Wellesley, Data Science and Economics, 2022

Joy Li

Wellesley College, Art History and Media Arts and Sciences, 2023

Emmi Mills

MIT, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, 2024

Sharon Opara-Ndudu

MIT, Biological Engineering, 2022

Julia Sokolowska

Wellesley College, International Relations and Environmental Studies, 2022

Kristina Šůsová

Sciences Po Paris, Economy and Society, 2023

Asya Magazinnik

Assistant Professor

Rori Lelalake

MIT, Political Science, 2023
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